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Set new standards – we do!

Incorporates ventilation in the facade

With a pipeless design and a large selection of colours, ventilation systems from InVentilate are discretely incorporated in the facade of a building. Façade integrated ventilation gives you freedom to design the ventilation plant so it fits into the architecture of the building, indoors and outdoors, whether you are renovating old buildings or building new ones.
Now that ventilation can be integrated in the facade, it is feasible and profitable to install ventilation systems in aged low-ceilinged buildings and thus meet current requirements for a good indoor climate for the users of the building and with regard to the environment. We call it to set new standards. If you decide to use facade integrated ventilation in a new building, you will get free choice of ceiling construction in addition. Case stories

Simple installation and low energy consumption

InVentilate’s facade integrated ventilation system is a decentralised system that utilises the fresh air outside the building directly. The discrete micro-ventilation units are installed in the facade of the building – above or beneath the windows – and in some cases in the roof of the building.
When the ventilation is integrated in the facade of a building, installation becomes simple and quick. As a consequence, installation costs are considerably lower because several work processes, for example piping, are redundant. At the same time, facade integrated ventilation has the market’s lowest energy consumption for transportation of air: 300 J/m3. This low energy consumption is due to the fact that the air does not have to be transported over long distances as in the case of centralised ventilation. Therefore, façade integrated ventilation from InVentilate offers you a profitable as well as a CO2 saving solution. Case stories
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