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Schools and daycare centres

Case: Slagelse Gymnasium. Highschool with 1,200 pupils.
In the past ten years the number of pupils has increased by 50 percent to more than 1,200 pupils and this was a challenge for the indoor climate. Despite several extensions, the longer school days and more pupils in each classroom resulted in poor indoor air quality.

The school chose to install MicroVent in 31 classrooms and one office in the original building from 1977. MicroVent is installed directly into the walls and therefore does not consume any space in the classrooms.

The pipe-free ventilation system is not only quiet, but can also be installed both horizontally and vertically. This makes MicroVent ideal for classrooms during renovation and new construction.

MicroVent is installed directly into the outer wall and consequently does not mar the building. The ventilation does not take up any space in the rooms and was far easier and cheaper to install than
piped central ventilation.
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