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Patented in the USA and China

After five years of waiting, InVentilate has been granted patents in the USA and China and has thus secured the technology behind the innovative micro-ventilation system, MicroVent, on these markets.
InVentilate now has documentation that the pipe-free ventilation technology and the intelligent control system, which is the basis of MicroVent, is something quite special. Five years ago InVentilate applied for the Chinese patent on the reversible ventilation with a damper functionality and for the American patent on the system modality and wind compensation. Both patents are now in the bag and this is of significant importance for the innovative ventilation company.
"The patents are an extra approval of our product and the technology behind it, which we are very proud of," says CEO Lars Schjønning.
Opens opportunities for cooperation
At the same time, the patents are a huge advantage because they make it far more difficult for competitors to copy MicroVent.
"We have no actual plans to establish ourselves on the Chinese or American markets. But the patents make it easier for us to commence cooperation with companies who are represented on these markets," explains Lars Schjønning.
InVentilate already cooperates with, among others, Velux which develops, and is the supplier of, components for Velux Smart Ventilation.
These are the first patents InVentilate has obtained, but according to Lars Schjønning they are definitely not the last:
"With the first patents in the bag, it will be easier to get the next ones approved - both in relation to obtaining the patent on several technologies and on new markets, for example in the EU," says the CEO. 
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