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Intelligent control and local operation

Façade integrated ventilation has a default standard configuration. The basic system can be extended with the kinds of intelligent and local control and operation described below; they will help reduce power and heat consumption further.
General Management
All MicroVent systems are equipped with an LON interface. This interface allows each unit
to be individually controlled by most building management systems (BMS). MicroVent can
also be controlled online using a Smartserver via a computer or smartphone.
Intelligent control
MicroVent Comfort Control, an intelligent control system, enables units to collectively
respond to any sudden changes in an environment such as the level of humidity, CO2 or
With MicroVent’s Comfort Control the ventilation units can automatically and
simultaneously adjust to changes in the environment, for instance when there is less need
for high ventilation the system enters an energy-saving mode.

The intelligent control can simultaneously compensate for external factors, such as wind,
extraction from cooker hoods, atmospheric pressure etc, which minimises power
consumption while providing optimal user-comfort.

MicroVent Comfort Control uses specific measurements from the ventilation units to
prepare an operational strategy for the system to follow. This strategy is implemented to
ensure that the system automatically responds continuously to regulate the individual
MicroVent units.
For more information about management and MicroVent Comfort Control please download our productinformation brochure.
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